SRFC vs Linfield

3-1 now

rumour of some guard being hospitalized before the game

Rovers fans singing “1 flag in Ireland”

brilliant-just brilliant

Nationalist Ireland 4 - Unionist Ireland 1

You can’t beat a bit of d’owl hooliganism. :clap:

Missed penalty in injury time for Linfield. Keep us updated with any reports of proper naughtiness please, Raven.

Great night for Irish football

Up the RA

bad night for loyalism

sligo 5 glentoran 0
crusaders 1 cork 3
derry got a draw 1-1 in drogheda tho that means they are the only NI side in with a real chance of progressing

i was up in windsor for linfield vs cork in 2007 and went on the piss with a bunch of glentoran fans when they played maccabi haifa in the 2009 CL qualifiers over here, i must say the glentoran fellas were sound enough, Linfield would be farely hunnish allright and probably took down a lot of cunts down with them tonight who would never go to a match, they are making an effort tho, david jeffrey allowed camogie training one night in windsor park or so the story goes when some belfast team couldnt get a pitch… windsor is in a disgusting area of Belfast however, not one of the nicer grounds, but to be honest we were fine up there and its a bit overrated.
i played up there once as well in a tournamnet at u-17 level, we beat some shower of cunts called distillery but were hammered by Glentoran,

I wonder if anybody in Sligo took a shit in the Glentoran bus this time.


not a fan of the gardai but they laid into the huns any chance they got

one fell off his horse and the horse ran into lidl

fans singing

you’re not british anymore
one flag in Ireland

great TIFO too

The check shirt really suits Bandage

What a horrible shower of cunts

Up the ra !! :cool:

Miss of the season?? :smiley:

[quote=“carryharry, post: 744253, member: 1517”]Miss of the season?? :smiley:[/quote]

That rebound miss was by Ryan Henderson, who scored 4 goals for Armagh against Wexford in an NFL Division 2 game in Wexford Park in 2009.

That, my online friends, is knowledge.

Seems to be a bit of trouble at the return leg of this fixture.

You’re not British any more, sing the Rovers supporters.

Following on from a rendition of…the I, the I, the IRA…

and now You Dirty Orange Bastards!

Will Downing and Felix Healy blatantly ignoring the chants, even though they’re coming over clearly on the coverage. :smiley:

A fierce exchange of ballads and more modern ditties between the respective sets of supporters.

Why are the Rovers supporters singing The Celtic Symphony?

Some howler by the Linfield keeper there.

7-2 now on aggregate, 3-1 on the night.