SSBTs- FOBTs in all but name?

cat got your tongue about self service betting terminals mac??

Not sure what you’re on about mate?

TASE’s opposition to the social scourge of betting terminals sits very well with his other social justice campaigns in Euskadi, Fingal and for the indigenous peoples of Australia trampled under the yoke of their colonial rulers.

Come on Mac, get off the fence. Admit that you’re delirius about these SSBTs…

I presume Mac is waiting to find out what Ivan Yeats makes of these before agreeing with his opinion

I think he’s in Limerick at the moment isn’t he, probably checking out private schools in the area…

I fucking hate these yokes, both SSBTs and FOBTs. I was having nightmares about the fucking things a few months back.

Are these the yokes that some ladbrokes shops have?

Not only Laddys.

Never seen them anywhere else. Don’t really see the point of them from a punters point of view.

Sure what’s the difference if they are only in betting shops?

It’s in pubs they should be installing them.

Most pubs will have a designated bookie they phone bets through to for regulars as well. Between that and the number of smart phones in circulation for online betting I can’t see the appeal of these things.

That is what they have in New York. Tis a bit shit.

They have them feeding into the tote in all the pubs in Australia too.

for the bookies it could mean less staff needed & it could also mean pokies getting installed on them in a few years

They remind me of self service check outs in a supermarket - useful for a certain group of people. Wouldn’t interest me.

People who can use technology?

You can choose different languages on them too but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t work exactly how you would like,