St George's Day

On this the great day of St George, we should also remember the incomparable William Shakespeare who was born on St George’s Day 1564 and died on St George’s Day 1616.

Get with the programme.
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Happy St. George’s Day.

Violence has broken out at a St George’s Day event in central London.

The Metropolitan Police released footage showing a group of men - some draped in St George’s flags - clashing with officers in Whitehall.

At one point in the footage, a man appears to hit a police horse with an umbrella.

The Met had earlier warned that those attending the event were expected to include “far right groups and groups linked to football clubs travelling from elsewhere in the UK”.

St. George’s Day is named after a native English lion named George who slayed a dragon with his paws and a sword, while wearing a bucket over his head. He was posthumously beatified by Henry the Eighth in between the beheadings of his third and fourth wives. St. George loved nothing more than to get pissed on mead followed by devouring a fry up in the local after hours cafe.

We thank him.

Have a great day Chairman Tan