St Mirren v Celtic ☘

I’d say they’ll give a penalty against Celtic here.

He’s literally half a yard away and yer man kicks it against him. Fucking hell.

1-0 down.

Jota should have scored there, didn’t go across the keeper and he somehow saved it. Celtic are playing well enough but they’re ultra defensive and organised. Hard to stay patient I’d say.

Red card for St Mirren & penalty for Celtic. Botched back pass & he horsecollar tackled Kyogo who was in on goal.

What are they checking here?! Fucking hell.

Brainless from Dunne, but was that outside the area?

If contact continues into box it’s a penalty. Maybe it’s closer than I thought. A freekick now! How can you say with certainty on pitch decision is wrong?

Outside surley

It’s a very tight one. From my view, the initial foul was outside, but he tugged him again when he was inside the box.By rule, it’s a penalty I think.

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My take too.

They allowed play to continue for over 2 minutes before going back to check the St Mirren penalty. And the ref went over for a look before awarding it. This time it’s very unclear that the on pitch decision is wrong yet they overturn the penalty after one replay without getting the ref to look at it. The introduction of VAR in Scotland has been a shambles.

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Just read at half time that Andrew Dallas is VAR today. That explains things.

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They’re giving up the wide areas & have 5 strung across the width of the box & 3 in front of that. I’d get Oh on as he’d put himself about from these crosses.



Andrew Dallas furiously checking the replays to try rule it out.

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