Staycation - Limerick's hard on for anything Kerry

BallyB is off the chain


No one wearing masks :astonished:

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Not required outdoors Thomas. It’s unreal here. I love Ireland.

@mikehunt said they were wearing them at the seaside where ever he is … I’d say he brought a bucket of sand under the bed with him


Don’t drag me into this. I’m on holiday.

You actually believe @mikehunt left his sitting room


My bed is in a bedroom. What kind of squalor do u live in at all.


Heading for Donegal this Friday. Being an out and out alcoholic I’m disappointed the pubs won’t be open but I’ll try to make the best of it.

It wont be hard to get a pint in Donegal


My various social media platforms are flooded with brainwashed wankers enjoying their staycation in the likes of Galway and,Kerry

:wink: :joy:

The country must be tilting into the Atlantic with all the cunts swarming onto the west coast at the moment.


The lads that can’t afford it are seething.

Hello Mary

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was off today there-
did a few jobs around the house, headed over to a game in Moynalty this evening and we are having something to eat now
working again tomorrow afternoon and evening

Burnt like a turkey cock here after a savage day in white strand with a stop off for great fish and chips from a fancy van by the Armada Hotel

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Couples will be able to claim back as much as €250 on hotel and restaurant bills under the Government’s staycation subsidy.

The tax-back scheme is to run from October this year until April 2021 and will apply to hotels, food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Holidaymakers and diners will have to spend up to €625 to claim back the maximum €125 tax rebate. A couple can claim €250.

Another attack on @Batigol

Can we get the restaurant to charge for extra dinners and dish out a few pints and bottles of wine?

Welcome to business travel expensing.

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