Stephen Curry

Greatest athlete in the world right now! Better than Jordan? Discuss…

Better than Jordan right now? Perhaps at basketball, not sure what he’s like at golf though. Jordan’s damn fine at the golf. Not so much the baseball.

Was Mick Jordan good at golf! Curry is the shefflin of the NBA probably better. Golden state knocking records all round them. Huzzah.

At a time when the big teams have never been weaker. Curry better bring more to the table than one ring before Jordan even enters the room.

Get the fuck outta here

Did his form come from nowhere? Or has he been highly regarded in high school, college Etc??


Drugs won’t help you shoot and pass the ball like he does, or spot things no-one else does. Drugs make you faster, stronger, better stamina but not that other stuff. Presume you are not being serious anyhow.

@anon25556527 he played for a fairly unfashionable college team, can’t recall their name now, who had a great underdog run the year he was with them. He was lauded at that time as a great prospect and stood out even then but every scout said he was too light/weak for the NBA. He’s actually about 6 3’ i believe but you’d swear he was 5 10’ to look at but he is surrounded by giants. The year he was drafted the Minnesota Timberwolves actually picked two point guards over him and he still left on the table (he’s also a point guard). How embarrassing.

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Definitely drugs.

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Hindsight is a bitch, but at the time Rubio was the best PG prospect, once in a generation ball handling skills. Flynn and Curry was a bit of a toss up, and Minnesota went for a more all round 1 than the better shooter.

There were big question marks over Curry’s ability to defend NBA caliber guards, and to a lesser extent, his ability to create his own shots from static positions. When he was at Davidson, the entire offense was based on making shots for him, so it was impossible to tell how well he’d transfer to NBA level.

It should also be noted that Steve Kerr’s offense has had a huge impact on Curry’s game. The innovative spacing patterns they use gets Curry open looks that a shooter of his immense ability may not otherwise get, and its versatility makes it very difficult to stop. Curry was unquestionably a stunning player, but Kerr has taken him to the transcendent level he now resides at.


Curry is arguably the greatest shooter of all time. But this is lebrons era, like it was Jordan’s beforehand.

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Kobe thanks you

Lebron is only a bitch.

True, but he dominates a game like no other player at both ends

Signing in. Curry is the man.

Lebrons era is over and will go down as a peculiar afterthought in the annals of NBA lore once all is done and dusted

GSW lose their record with Curry hitting 8 3 pointers but chalking up NINE turnovers.
Steve Kerr puts the loss down to too many turnovers andgood Celtics play.


Hon the Celtics. That Isaidhah Thomas is unreal and we’ve the best young coach in the NBA

signing in for the Celtics