Stephen Ireland Back for Ireland

3 Year contract signed with Stoke, reports suggest that the prodigal son is a cert to be back next month. I’m glad anyway, can do with all the quality we can get.

Where, or in front of who, do you see him slotting in, Jim?

I think Hoolahan will start Mark with Ireland coming on, 2 great options for us, 2 players who can at least hold on to the ball anyway.

He can fuck off for himself.

As I have said all along, Stephen Ireland will play for the Republic of Ireland once more, it is destiny.

No surprise this traitor comes back into the reckoning with O’Poppy and Queen at the helm.

Like Trap was going to pick a skilful Midfielder like Ireland, clown of a man set Irish football back years with hes treatment of Reid and Ireland.

Trap ruined Irish football.

Trap established Oirland as one of the top 16 teams in Europe. O’Poppy and Queen won’t better that.

Hang on now, I’m no major fan of Traps but Ireland refused to play and Reid wasn’t even getting his game at club level for most of Traps time in charge.

Come on, Trap had no interest in Stephen Ireland coming back, not he’s type of player. As for Reid most of Ireland’s squad were’nt regulars at club level, did’nt stop them getting into the squad, e,g Conor Sammon, Simon Cox. Trap was a joke of a coach, mercenary manager.

I agree, Trapp had a 41% win rate, decent in international football, sure he was negative at times, but lets face it our most successful period was under Big Jack playing puke football when decent footballers like brady and O’leary were frozen out - nobody complained much back then, the proof in the pudding will be O’neills results with the squad he has inherited from Trap!

Have you been hitting the vino again?

Not so sure. It used to be decent but with the break up of Eastern Europe there are many more weak teams around than the used to be. Throw in a few meaningless friendlies, and the fact that many top level pros couldn’t really give a fuck, the win ratio isn’t what it used to be.