Stevie Gerrard

crazy rumour going around:-

Lot of media spotted by Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground. Apparently Steve Gerrard’s missus has been hanging around with the head of a group of Liverpool Bouncers, called “Pancake”. News is that Pancake has been supplying her with coke and slottin’ her one on the side. Gerrard went to the Editor of the Daily Mirror to beg them not to print the pictures they have of his missus snorting and they agreed to hold off on them as it would ruin his career. Gerrard is meant to have kicked her out last Wednesday and has ordered a DNA test for his second child as he believes that it isn’t his (may explain his performance against the Mancs on Sund

prob a load of arse but funny if true

The reason for Stevie Gerrard’s performance against Man Utd is that his isn’t a great player. He is over-rated and the way liverpool fans go on about him makes me sick. Granted he does score some cracking goals but he is a poor captain, tries the ‘hollywood pass’ far too much and if Liverpool are looking to him for leadership this season they are in big trouble.

Leadership examples:

Olympiakos the season before last
AC Milan CL Final the season before last
West Ham FA Cup Final last season

A scorer of good goals - not a good midfield player though.

To be fair to Gerrard he pisses all over Fat Frank. And considering Lampard was considered by some to be the 2nd best player in the world at one stage what the fook does that make gerrard