Can anyone please recommend some nice eating houses or restaurants in Stillorgan or the surrounding areas please. I do not wish to play craps for dessert so please leave any eating emporiums that partake in anything like that out of your recommendations

Aprile Italian is nice and so is gotham. If you want pub grub go to the orchard. If you want something a bit more expensive but nice, head to sichuan chinese in sandyford ind estate. They do the food for the Chinese embassy.

The nicest restaurant in Stillorgan is in an industrial estate, and out in Fingal they play dice for free dinners.

Dublin really is so urban and chic :lol:

Gong [Chinese] is supposed to be very good.

Where would be the best place to get some hairy bacon and cabbage?

Try the mill house pub

I thought you didn’t like bacon and cabbage

I’m a savage for my bacon and cabbage!

what county are you from chewy?

What’s the handiest way to get from Heuston station to Stillorgan?


Have you a number for this Rick Shaw fella, is he a cab driver?

just put your arrival time on facebook and mcstalky will pick you up

Not straightforward. Options include a Luas into O’Connell Street and then a bus out to Stillorgan. I think the 46A (loads of them) goes from O’Connell Street but not sure if it goes the whole way to Stillorgan.

Other option is a taxi but you’re looking at about a 30 quid fair.

Does a Luas go to Still Organ?

The green one does I thought?

green line

Yes, the one from Stephens Green does, but he’d be as well off get Luas into Connell St like Farmer said and hop on a 46A which will drop him in Stillorgan environs. Trying to navigate Puke from O Connell St to Stephens Green could be treacherous.

Oh yeah - it does. But it stops nowhere near the shopping centre/Kilmacud Crokes area.

I’d imagine Mr Louie is going to some sort of business premises out there and not for shopping?