Suggestions for creating the next viral social media craze

i) Drink your own piss to raise money for Alcoholics Anonymous
ii) Jump out of a first floor window to raise money for paralysis victims
iii) Cut yourself for to raise money for suicide awareness
iv) Step in dog poo for to raise money for your local tidy towns committee
v) Shock yourself on an electric fence to raise awareness of the dangers of electricity

Full Irish for heart disease

kill yourself for suicide awareness/peta house


Shave your head for cancer/far right-wing causes.

Set your self on fire to cure skin cancer.

Female genital mutilation to raise money for rape victims.

Deep fried Mars Bar?

Shift your cousin to raise awareness of Tipperary people.

Eat a dogfood sandwich for Albert Reynolds.

Do a slanty eyed face selfie to raise awareness of racism
Hug a monkey for Ebola
Eat a Mars Bar for diabetes

Burn a €50 note for the homeless.

Shave off your eyebrows for down syndrome

Have a wank for testicular cancer

Wear a gas mask for Israel


pay to enter a glasgow celtic game to raise awareness of child abuse

Talk to yourself for schizophrenia.


Cut yourself for haemochromotosis