Summer Transfer Window 2019

Up the R.A :rofl:



That’s the start of it now.

I wonder when the O’Riordan’s emigrated to the UK.

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More Twitter reaction:

Would Sir Alf Ramsey have picked Bobby Charlton if he was on Bebo praising Hitler & the Nazis in 1966? He damn well wouldn’t. I’ve supported @ England all my life but I will not support the nation anymore if this fenian fucker # DeclanRice ever wears the 3 lions. No surrender. @ FA


I think it was when they started buying The Sun.

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I see Bayern are signing Lucas Hernadez for €80m. They’re also signing Pavard for €35m.

I would have thought their issues were more at the other end of the pitch.

cc @AppleCrumbled

Every South American United have signed has been a roaring success and I would expect this to be no different.


Dybala is a decent player but the consensus seems to be that he couldn’t play alongside Ronaldo. Seems strange to get rid of the 25 year old in that scenario, but I guess they might not have a choice if transfer clause is met.
He could work out well for United so long as they buy 4 defenders, two wingers, a holding midfielder and a striker or two to go with him. As it stands he would be in a similar role to Pogba when Ole pushed him forward. Maybe he plans on getting rid of Pogba which is fair enough. But given the many other glaring weaknesses it seems to be more of a marquee signing than a practical one. For that kind of money you could buy a couple of the Ajax lads.

That’s a very good signing on the face of it but may not be able to settle

I wouldn’t overthink this, mate. I’m sure there’s a well thought out strategic reasoning behind this signing.

Are there any rumours on who City are going to spend their 2bn Premiership prize money on?

That’s a brilliant signing if true. Really exciting season ahead. Interesting to note Liverpool were in for him too and he choose to come to man united. Hopefully Sanchez is off now too.

Funny how man City missed out Sanchez and jorginho which looks a blessing in disguise but pep in general has a poor transfer record imo. Makes some really odd signings.