Summer Transfer Window 2019

Man City and Liverpool dooooking it out over Ben Chilwell it seems.

Declan Rice to Man City seems another one doing the rounds.

Deccie has bigger issues at the moment

Who he?

Saul as well from Atleti to City.

I’d say they’ll buy big before getting a transfer ban

Think Liverpool were in for him a couple of years ago but thought 10m was too much for him at the time, they went for Robertson instead.

Simeone better call him


What a fuckin fanny.



English cunt

Rice is a bit simple I think.


That’s the lefty loony world we live in now - every fucker feels the need to come out and explain something they did 10 years ago … you’d have more respect for him if he just responded with a ‘get fucked’



This Declan Rice stuff is gas.

He’s made some cunt of himself over the past few months



There’s a good chance he’s in for a propa nawty reception from some of the vermin following England whenever he comes on.

They’ll be all about him for a few months until they realise he’s just a carthorse like the rest of them. Then they’ll turn on him (scummy fans and media), good and proper

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Maybe but I think the latest stuff about up the ra will sour a lot of the mouth breathers against him from the off.

Saul is a top, top player.