Sundy night drinking

Crisp and cold for me. No strong ales, wines or spirits, a sort of cleansing detox really. No more than 4. Hopefully no more alcohol until Friday, or maybe even Saturday

Whiskey, early and often

Welcome onboard

3 (three) Birra Morretti for me.

660 bottles or 330 cans?

Jesus, this is like being in Willie Wonka… just three.

2 big bottles of that Hell lager from Aldi to wash down a chicken jalfrezi. It’s become a little tradition of mine to have a few beers on a Sunday. I generally wouldn’t drink during rest of week.

Monday pints are the best.

Only when they’re a cure

just starting a bottle of boyne IPA here with MOTD2

You love that aul MOTD Mickee

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I’m drunk

Mart day.

It’s 3am in balbecski ffs.

Sunday pints or spirits taste nicer than any other day. Tis scientifically proven

Tuesday pints aren’t bad.

Shaping up nicely at this stage.

I really miss a few Sunday evening pints.
I’d drink fuck all bar 4 or 5 pints on a Sunday. Talking shite about sport with a few lads for a couple of hours and heading off home around half nine. Fuck this year.


I said exactly the same to someone at the weekend.
That’s all I want. A few pints of Sunday evening.

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A fair few lads will be having serious chats with themselves on 1 January.


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