Super Blues 2017


Thought we had fucked it away tonight, but showed enough heart to pull out the win. Bray are absolutely horrific at the back but we were under the cosh, having used all 3 subs inside 55 or so minutes, it felt like we were down to 10 men. Ogbene had the Bray backs shitting themselves, Tosi is immobile but a serious aerial threat and Hery & Clarkey pulled it out at the end.

Would have been a crime to lose it really, after going 2 goals up, we handed them a couple of goals and a very soft penalty.

A fine evening, eight goals, a lovely day for football. The crowds would come flocking back if it was like that every week.


Great win last night. Ogbene needs to stay up front. Hery playing very well lately. Dave o Connor is not even related to a footballer. Anyone get a good view of the peno decision. Looked harsh from where I was


I’d say it was a penalty alright, very lazy tackle attempt and Brennan just had to wait for the connection.


Cork away on Friday week, magic.

Staying up still the priority imo. First impressions of McDonald are positive anyway. Five on Friday night, two at Bohs, two up in the cowshed v Harps…


Where are we going for pints tonight @chops91 ? I’ll be in a pub beside the ground called The Beergarden around 6-ish. Grand evening for a few drinks :pint:

Game is live on Eir Sport too.




You’ll be sat in The Shed with the inlaws and that cunt with the sombrero! :wink:

Welcome home kid.


Any chance of a match report? Useless at the back again?


Just back from Turners Cross.

Cork deserving winners but 4-1 a bit harsh.

We started off well, persisting with a 3-5-2 formation. Robbie in the middle of the back three with O’Connor and Whitehead either side. Duggy and Clarke as wingbacks.

We were bright and lively and Ogbene was a constant threat up top. His searing pace will trouble teams. He even had an effort cleared off the line as we held our own.

Gradually Cork game into it and Maguire started and finished the move that led to the opener. 60 seconds later we had a penalty after a Tosi flick on sent Ogbene through before he tumbled under McNulty’s challenge. He was playing for it and the ref bought it. Tosi fired home. 1-1.

From then on the home side upped it and dominated. Couple of minutes before the break Dooley scored off the post. Any chance whatsoever disappeared thirty seconds after the interval when Williams pass back was intercepted by who else but Maguire who rounded Clarke before tucking home. Disastrous goal to concede. 3-1 and game over.

Paul O’Conor missed a sitter to make it 3-2 with ten mins left but truthfully Cork were only going through the motions at that stage. They grabbed a fourth late on. Best team in the league by a mile.

Overall I’m not too disappointed. Was worried we’d go down a few weeks back but we should comfortably stay up. Robson’s loan spell is up and he’s gone back to the UK. He’ll be a loss. Interesting to see who McDonald brings in. He must have good contacts.

About 400 in the away end. Most disappointing and unedifying episode of the evening was as the away support was kept in after the full time whistle. Couple of them started fighting and there were fists and boots flying as the Guards waded in to calm it down. Got very heated and tense for a few mins. A few were thrown out. Idiots. A stain on the club. This is LOI, not Green Street. Dopes.


Thought we did ok on the night, defending left a lot to be desired at times and this is where our issue has always been. Williams has probably been our player of the season this far but he had a mare tonight. It would be unfair to robber too critical though, City are just a good side and miles ahead of us. I thought we looked more compact in the centre - Lee J had was his usual industrious self and Duggy put in an improved performance. But they killed us down their right flank.

I wouldn’t worry for us, there are at least 4-5 worse teams in the division than us. 6-7th is our level and for our first season back I’d be satisfied with that. We do need to sign defenders and another striker come July though.

Was it the singing section that started fighting amongst themselves @dodgy_keeper ?


Relegation beckons


Seemed to be a few of the singing section involved alright. It was mayhem for a few minutes as fists were flying. Guards had a couple of them pinned up against the wall trying to calm them down & keep them separated. Don’t know what started it but it was embarrassing to witness. Pity as it was a cracking atmosphere in the away end all night up to that.

Your absence was noted @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi !

We’re still far too porous at the back. At least we don’t face teams of the quality of Cork every week.

Johnny Dunleavy went off with what looked like a very serious injury. He has been destroyed by injury in recent years. He looked in a terrible way as he was stretchered off. Looked a season ender. Knee seemed to buckle. Best wishes to him.


I was at the Bohs game a few weeks back in dalymount. 99% of the blue army seem bang on but there were a few muppets looking for trouble off some Bohs fans near us.
A baldy head chap with a pointy nose (about 40 ffs) but mainly some red headed lad in his head to toe grey tracksuit. Absolute clowns


The same two were there last night in the middle of it again! As you say most of those young lads are harmless but all it needs is for one or two of them to kick off and it tarnishes the rest. These cunts need to fuck off to the next McGregor bout rather than aligning themselves to the super blues.


Ha! I knew these spastics would be at the heart of it. The Bohs lad on the night looked seriously capable too. Had the look of a kick boxer - not your stone Island teenager. Would have done the lads no harm to have their gobby mouths shut for them.

Anyway, reckon we will be safe but the table looking very tight. I’d worry about us going into panic mode as a team with more sloppy errors later in the season if we are near the drop. Hopefully Neil’s experience with Big Sam will see us to the glory of 6th :+1:


Cork could have scored 8 if they wanted, they took their foot off the gas second half…We need a whole new defence… The aimless hoofing was ridiculous also, just giving it back to Cork. I know they were looking to get Ogbene on the go but you have to play someone deeper to get on the ball, Tosi doesn’t have the legs for it.


Tosi get goals against Limerick’s equals and in that regard he has been a good signing . You are spot on regards his mobility and you see that against stronger teams .


Tosi won’t do against Cork or Dundalk but his goals will keep us up.

Was that you causing trouble last night?


Saving myself for Pats next weekend :wink:

A couple of lads at work who were there Friday night said it was a guy who’s over the youths stuck a head on one of the Blue Army head guys, and that’s what kicked everything off.


Limerick will be relegated

They aren’t a premier division club