Super Blues RIP (For at least 2020 anyway)

Has he given up some control so or what’s happening?

My prediction is that this new consortium will be a disaster.

Welcome in the short term for a few quid to be put in but scrape beneath the surface…

Season starts Friday week and we’ve a team so I’m happy with that. Won’t be near promotion but just glad to still have a team to follow.


What kind of a crowd will they pull in first division dodgy

You just don’t get away fans in the first division so I’d say we’ll be averaging four or five hundred every home game, less once the defeats start mounting up.

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What would the average attendance been in the thomond years?

This lad seems to be part of the consortium


Samie Daly? (Yes, I meant samie)

Decent ball player tho — Was on that Balla side that got to the FAI Junior cup final a few years back.

Good Limerick crowd at turner’s X last time out,few lads up at the friendly at UCC farm,spoke to s few - v dismayed at the whole balls up- genuine Limerick FC supporters-from a Munster view hope they have a go of it,needs arses on seats,my smallie and I follow CCFC men’s/ women’s,and GAA,support local

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That’s good news

Why not just buy it now?

Youd need your head examined to invest in a LOI club.
Guaranteed negative ROI and nothing but abuse from fans who think they are owed something.

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I would think the “ investment “ here is pretty miniscule .

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When it’s possible has to be fan owned,works.


Cark go bust every 5 years


“Local consortium of investors” Hmmmm :thinking:

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Management of the club as much as investment is what’s needed

Buys the present owner a few months of peace.

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