Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


I hope he told them to suck his balls.



No doubt Tom went over Bill’s head again and told Bob to keep him.


Coach Caldwell would be a great fit yet again for the Colts. Bit of unfinished business there for him too.


I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Colts. But McDaniels has screwed over a number of his assistants who have been in place in Indy waiting on him to join.

Now he has backed out and left them in limbo, everyone of them a lame duck now. A great way for McDaniels to treat people who gave up other jobs to join him.


This is senior hurling, they’ll need to suck it up and polish their cv’s


Ah, Matty just needs to be outraged and have something to rage against…


Outrage? :smile:


one of the coaches was out of work, one was a line coach in the Uni of Illinois, and the other was an assistant with the Cowboys who was told he would be up for promotion in 2019. They all got something out of the change, even if McDaniels has fucked them and the Colts over. Should the Colts have not got the HC installed before putting ink to paper with their assistants?

It looks to me like Belichick has indicated he is fucking off and not letting it be like the Giants situation where he left the Giants but didnt know that Parcells would also then leave and he took a job with the Browns when he could have stayed with the Giants.


Win one more or give it 2 years and go? — 2 years is also about Brady’s shelf life…


I’d say there’s going to be a transition to McDaniels as HC too. Belichick to give it at least one more season, possibly two, and then retire.


It was an illegal formation.


yeah it wouldnt surprise me to see both retire at the same time.


thats 3 TD’s that shouldnt have counted. The NFL and the refs screwed the Pats over


My sources tell me Luck is fucked and McDaniels got wind of it and split.


Peter King had it this morning that McDaniels was given no assurances that he will replace Belicheck but will be given first consideration.


The Ertz one was a TD - the other 2 should have been over turned


Crazy move my McDaniels unless he knows for sure that Luck is finished.


You would think that it is linked to Luck, but surely he hardly only found it out yesterday.

Fairly fucks the Colts as Vrabels was their second choice and they are back to square one. Assume they will plum for one of the Eagles Coordinators


Talk that the Redskins might still franchise tag Cousins in order to try and get something from trading him.

I can’t see it as he could just sit tight and fuck them over to the tune of $34m.

I can only see him in Denver if they move on Talib and/or Sanders. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them move up to take Sam Darnold and bring in either Keenum or Taylor.