Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL



Aboy Jimmy boy!


Watched the mic’d up highlights on YouTube there today. 40 min. Broke my heart but had to be done. Foles seems like an old pro. Never panicked.


I’ll never watch it, ever.




That is fucking mental




Throw some cash Bells way now too…


You have your Jersey ordered? At least it be good for 6 years.


That’s a mental contract for Jimmy G. Fair fucks to him for landing it, but how does a player who has started 7 games in his 4 year career end up being the highest paid player in the league. Some pressure on him to deliver. Hope he does well now.


That’s the value of a starting QB.
Most of the better ones are underpaid by a lot, salary cap fucks them badly.
What would the Packers be without Rodgers? Falcons without Ryan?


Yeah but you’ve just mentioned 2 mvps there who, although with less Superbowl rings than Jimmy, are well established players. It could be the best thing ever for the niners, but it’s a huge gamble on a player with very little game time played


Rodgers, I certainly get. Was never entirely convinced by Ryan though. He’s been flaky enough when the pressure comes on him and I don’t believe he’ll ever deliver the big one.

Along with Rodgers, I’d have Rivers, Brees, Brady, Stafford and Roethlisberger all ahead of Ryan,


Kirk Cousins surely tops that when he signs wherever.


The money Jimmy G is getting will feel like chump change by this time next year. JG is box office


If he doesn’t, he needs to fire his agent immediately


In fairness the 49ers have a ball of cash to spend.


In two years time it will either be a bargain or they will cut him, that’s the bottom line. They obviously think it is worth the gamble rather than franchise him now and get stuck for more money down the line.


How much did Osweiler get that with his ridiculous deal. Was it similar to this?


50 odd million guaranteed. Jimmy G looks a far better player compared to what Osweiler showed in Denvor in a similar sample size.

Assume Cousin’s will get 100 million guaranteed over the first three years of his deal