Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


Denzel Ward justifying the Brown’s reach on him in the draft with his second pick of the day.


Is McCoy injured?


No, the Bills are just awful. Their offensive line is the worst in the league by a bit. Only reason they are starting Peterman is to spare Josh Allen ahead of a tough opening stretch of games. The Bills will be drafting very high in 2019


Looking like it is between Joe Flacco and Ryan Fitzpatrick for MVP going off what we have seen so far this season.


Tur-rod showed great leadership there. Massive chance for the Browns here


Early days but Pats D looked really solid that half.


QBs should have terms of their contracts revised downwards. You seemingly cant tackle one anymore.


Deshawn Watson looking very very rusty


Tasty encounter in the big easy. I forgot about Mike Evans and Lattimer last year nearly going at it


As expected, Shoot out in Indy.


AJ Green would have been elite with a good qb. Cousins looking very assured on debut.


The whole offense misses Fuller.


What is this horseshit about not landing on the QBs with all of your weight? They’re not ballerinas, they’re 300 pound apes.

Buccs, wow. Take a bow Fitz.


Poor josh allen


Top end Fitz has always been good, problem has been that he only every really hits that level 2 or 3 times a year and the usual form is pretty erratic.

If Lattimore takes a step back this year then the Saints could be in trouble this year


Class from Mixon, another lad primed for a massive year


They had one of the worst lines in the league last year. Big upgrade this year, he’ll go well alright. A lot of Le’veon in him.


Utterly destroyed in the lead up to that pick 6 there


Hopefully watching this encourages Winston to remove his finger from his ass.


Barkley is the truth