Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


Nice to meet you.

68yd rushing TD.


Barkley with his first home run


Fuxxake putting him in for the 2yd attempt after a 68yd run.


They wouldnt have been expecting it


Barkley looks to be a pure boom or bust type of runner. Struggled to get anything going and then breaks off an 68 yard run. Giants won’t mind as long as he can consistently make those big plays


With enough film to study Garropolo and Watson opposing D’s have made them look very ordinary. Wonder will same apply to Wentz when he starts.




Harrison Smith is some player, can do it all.


In training this week, the Pats put a rookie CB at QB and just told him to scramble. Their way of prepping the D for Watson.


Peppers should have hurdled big Ben there


Seriously the big question is how mobile Carson will be, or will be allowed to be.

OBJ earning




Did nothing with it


Shove that up your hole Luck.


A loser with a team of losers.


Giants :smile:


Welcome back Flash.


Finally Gordon gets thrown the fucking ball. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


omg tyreek


Missed the face guard on Hopkins there at Gillette stadium. No surprise really