Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


This guy Darnold is going to be a superstar.


That ball should have been picked off. Good catcth by Anderson but Wilson needed to do better, ball was there for him


That was an exceedingly jammy touchdown. He’ll be good, but I wouldn’t be hanging my hat on this game.


I like the way he started so bad though and turned it around. Good sign of his mentality. That’s what makes it impressive to me.


Did he turn it around? Not sure you can attribute anything to his mentality when his play hasn’t picked uo. He got lucky with a complete fluke, by rights that horrible underthrow should have been a drive killing pick.


Stafford is beyond shit


I think your being very harsh on him. He’s done well. He’s made a few errors yes but overall I think he’s done really well.


He has been competent nothing more. Lions have rushed three consistently and dropped 8 into coverage allowing him to make gimme short completions under little pressure. Got very lucky on his one bomb downfield that went for a touchdown where a better safety would have picked it easily.


Much more like it, great drive with three big plays to tie it up.


Very accomplished drive by Darnold there


I just hope he stops throwing the ball now.


Christ Stafford is shocking.


Come back Coach Caldwell, all is forgiven


That doesn’t look good for Blount, Knee buckled in the tackle


Patricia out


What the fuck lads? Stafford :scream:


Tbf he’s been in the wars.


Ah Jaysus


Patricia has already lost the team, looks like he has lost the fans now as well.


@Big_Ducky_Moloney get a glass of whiskey and sleep this one off mate.