Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


New coaches 0-6 this week. Gruden to buck the trend?


I think he’s reading the tfk.


Rams looked like they just cruised their way through that. 2 terrible INTs on Carr to finish it off.


@chocolatemice called the jets win…


So did @Gman


So did @Chucks_Nwoko
That big noise in Las Vegas got that one wrong


My word, two oracles…


Corey Coleman to the Patriots on a one year deal. I hadnt realised the Bills had let him go.



Raiders did better than i thought they would. Rams didn’t let lynch run whereas raiders D lacked pressure but the offense through the air was good. First half they played well. They could beat Denver next week


First time listening to the OTB show … tis grand.


Seems like an act of desperation by Bellicheck. When you are cut by the browns something must be very wrong, then cut by the bills for having a bad attitude. Judging by hard knocks he seemed more interested in stockpiling footwear.


He’s a demon for the hoors and strippers, apparently.


Yer man Cian did a great preview a few weeks ago.


AJ Green doing what he does best.


And again! Bengals off to a hot start.


And there’s the hat trick. I miss AJ on my fantasy teams.


Bengals giving the Ravens every chance to get back into this, 28-17 early in the 4th.


Superb TD, 28-23.


Great start to the season for the Bengals.