Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


Outside of a QB change, upgrading your OL is the best way to improve.


Delighted for the Ravens and Harbaugh.


Almost afraid to say it but the Bengals looking like a good and proper team this season. D line has been savage in first 2 games and Dalton getting much more protection than ever. Mixon is getting holes all over the place and is so superior to what Hill was. Boyd, Eifert, Croft and Ross are all very decent options for when AJ is well covered too.

No doubt they’ll make an absolute fuck of some easy games in the next few weeks though.


Burfict only has two more games out too! :popcorn:


What a shock to discover he’s suspended


He will be down for Murder charges when he gets a chance to hit JuJu…


Joe Mixon going to be out for awhile.


2 weeks apparently. Devonta Freeman out too


Looks like the Browns have cut Josh Gordon.


Cowboys or Ravens will sign him.


Belichick will be all over this


Depends on what’s coming out.


Wow, hoping it’s not substance related. The league needs Josh Gordon. Jerry Jones will be all over this if it’s simply a Browns being Browns thing.


Ah no Josh. Fuck sake. The living embodiment of wasted potential.


Pat Mahomes is a joy to watch in this KC offense.


Mike Williams breaking out this year


Big hit on Cam




Ejection possibly.


He’ll go for that