Super Bowl LV - The triumphant trail to Tampa

We go again. A repeat showdown of Niners- Chiefs once again in Florida a real possibility.

Is Paddy due to get paid this year? Might throw a big spanner in the works for Kansas

Yes, and he’ll be looking for a big pay day.

He will be the highest paid person in the history of sports

But not the most successful, which is the main thing .

He’s already the most succesful for his age

You could say that about the older lads in their 40s , I’d be more impressed with them winning than a young fit man in his early /mid 20s .

If Hill and/or Kelce go it will be interesting…they need to get him a top RB and not out so much on him.

Jimmy did himself no favours on that final proper drive last night, he can be cut at a cost of only 4 million which could leave the door open for Brady to San Fran on a 2 year contract.

I think improving the team should be the priority

The last three possessions were a disaster. Jimmy G was 9-10 for 104 yards in the second half up to that point, and went 2-10 for 24 yards and an INT thereafter. The OL was collapsing at that stage though and Jimmy reverted to form, panicking and missing wide open receivers.

Why did he abandon the run game at key points?

I’d have to watch it back (I won’t) but the Chiefs were stacking the line at that stage to stop the run, and Jimmy didn’t have the composure to find open receivers. He had Kittle across the middle twice on the first drive when they were ahead 20-10, one was batted down and the second he threw towards Bourne. He almost threw a pick on the second series and then missed Sanders on the long route. That was a tough play to complete, unlike the two open plays to Kittle.

I think the play calling was OK, just couldn’t execute and the Chiefs D really stepped up.

Be careful lads who go.

Highlights tonight on the beeb

Any decent LTs in this upcoming draft, Joe Staley was broken afterwards :disappointed: no coincidence him been forced off on plays in the last quarter came with the Chiefs getting more pressure. I hope he goes one more year.

Andrew Thomas outta Georgia your best bet. Probably a top 15 pick but the dearth of LTs might push him higher.

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I’d only have LeBron ahead of him in terms of value to the team, but also commercial value.

If Shanahan had showed any confidence in him at the end of the 1st half then maybe his game may not have collapsed so dramatically at the end of the 2nd half when the title was still up for grabs.

Rams are shopping Gurley around the league and the Cardinals are expected to release David Johnson.

Not a great look for running backs on big contracts