Super Bowl LVI - The intricate incline to Inglewood (Part 2)

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@Thomas_Brady got dressed for the occasion


We go again

That ruined my night.

Can you imagine how turned on @Turenne is right now


Only Joe can save the day now

It started off decent and then just went to complete pot.

That HT show had nothing to do with hip hop

Not sure if we ever cracked 10k posts in previous years.

Or quality sound engineering

Well like, every single thing they did was playing it safe.

And most of those guys could have done a half time show on their own. And now they never can. It was a stupid idea really.

How anyone listens to that rubbish is beyond me.

Anyone, it’s done thankfully.

Let’s go Bengals

All about marketing/Remember when

@Thomas_Brady right now

When did the septic tanks start calling it Maccas? That’s an Aussie thing.

Brady, Brady, Brady

Is your dog ok?


Your evening is salvaged

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Calais Campbell looks cabbaged

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We fucking got this