Super Bowl LVIII - Viva Las Vegas 🐐

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like Clattenburg at forest

I thought they might get it done somewhere in the mid to late 40s per year. When Daniel Jones is making 40 million a year then Goff isn’t exactly astronomical

He has been very consistent for two and a half seasons though and all the knocks against him when he was a Ram that he couldn’t run an offence without Mcvey in his ear, couldn’t handle the blitz, couldn’t do it in cold weather etc have not been evident since he got his mojo back 10 games or so into his time in Detroit.

Those first 10 games he looked absolutely broken and heading towards becoming a back up QB. He comes across as thoroughly decent skin and his team mates and fans in Detroit have really taken a shine to him.

Think the Lions have been clever in getting their three key contracts locked up good and early too.

By getting St Brown for 30 million a year they have fairly snookered the Vikings as Jefferson is going to want 35+ now.

Also getting this done before Tua and the Dolphins do means it is more on their terms. Dolphins will have to be exceed this number now and Jordan Love is also in a contract year too.


I thought he was very good last year for the most part… almost unrecognisable. There was a mini slump possibly second half of the season where i was thinking the old Goff is back but he finished the season well. Strikes me as a lad that can get in his own head at times… But I’d take him over a Lamar or these Mickey mouse RBs turned QBs any day.

since the 2021 trade…

Goff: 24 wins
Stafford: 24 wins

Goff: 66% comp %
Stafford: 66% comp %

Goff: 41 turnovers
Stafford: 41 turnovers

Goff: 46% success rate
Stafford: 46% success rate

Goff: 78 pass TDs
Stafford: 75 pass TDs

Goff: 89 sacks taken
Stafford: 88 sacks taken

Goff: 35.2% 1st downs per att
Stafford: 35.2% 1st downs per att

Goff: 5.5 YAC/comp
Stafford: 5.5 YAC/comp

Now they’ve picked up MVS on same as above