Super Bowl LVIII - Viva Las Vegas 🐐

Combine begins Tuesday, Draft in just over 2 months time. Let the games begin.


What a trip it would be to go to this one

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Carter very much in the mix for first overall if the bears stay put and easily a top 5 pick - be interesting to see does he drop after this

what’s the story nothing said for 2 years and then just when the draft comes aroundka boom

What a clown. Seems like Kirby has fostered a similar culture that he learned in Alabama.


The incident was a few weeks ago

McShay copped a lot of heat from the cancel crowd after these baseless accusations in December. May be a coincidence but he’s out there somewhere with a smug head on him.

Seeing pictures of Bryce Young in street clothes really makes me question if he will hold up at the nfl level. Whatever about the height corcernd, it’s a very light frame

I’d expect these issues to get worse post NIL. Young idiots making money too soon before they make the proper step to the pros. Tate Martel must be fuming that he missed the boat.

Sorry… Read 2021 about 4 times…

Complete outlier. As you said, it’s not really the height it’s the lightweight frame. Kyler and Baker were far stockier. Even with water weight, i can’t see him breaking 200 at the combine. How many sub 200 QBs have we had succeed? Not many.

Great pocket awareness and mobility but he’s still gonna get hit 30 or 40 times a year.

He still goes 1OA but I wouldn’t like to mortgage by future on him by giving up a haul to go get him

You’d have to imagine Chicago take whatever they can get from Houston or Indy. The Carter news has certainly added a wrinkle to proceedings.

5"9.5’ & 188 looking at that.

I reckon I could capsize him with a shoulder

veyr very few… Doug Flutie, very hard to say he was a success…

DeAndre Hopkins to Patriots per source