Super Leeds United - Shame Shame Shame

1-0 down to Bristol Rovers at home. Down to ten men.

Still, I love these type of days. End of the season. A gloriously sunny afternoon. Football on the radio. Constantly waiting for the grainy signal to break down. Ah lovely.

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are u listening on 5 live sid?
great service allright
nothing bettter than been out in the garden raking gravel or pulling weeds with the radio on and the sun shining

1 1 now

1-1 now…


2-1 leeds

Fuck sake.

Yes sir.


Ten man Leeds clinging on here.

I love football on the radio. Something is going to happen yet, you just know it.

Pitch invasion if they hang on, guaranteed.

Hartlepool are safe and Jeff Stelling is going mental.

Are you watching Christy Cooney? Magnificent scenes.

“Please keep off the pitch”, beckons the electronic scoreboard at Elland Road. In the corner of that scoreboard an advertisement: “Hold your party here”. Young lads being hoisted shoulder high by their fathers. Memories to last a lifetime. That old familiar music on Radio 5 to herald the main football news of the day. Leeds are going up. Timeless.

Ah fooking lovely :clap: :pint: :clap: :pint:

Puke, Mick, Tony - we’ve fooking done it.


Fair play to Leeds. I would love to see them back in the EPL. It would be a change from the dirge that is the Hulls and Burnleys of this world…


It’d be great if in 2 years time Forrest and Leeds were back in the EPL.

-1 to all this.

Fuck Leeds.

Hey hey… We are Leeds… Fuck you Bandage and the horse you rode in on. And volcanic ash allowing, I’m off to Camp Nou next Thursday - Monday
:clap: :pint: :pint: :pint: :barcasmile: :pint: :clap: