Survival Sunday

Blackburn arsenal about 8 weeks ago they played very well.


How are Villa such a big price to beat Liverpool today? They are a best priced 13/5, are at home and seem to be getting their act together. Liverpool are a best priced 5/4. If i was still using my Betfair account i’d lay Liverpool till my balls rot at that price…

“Imogen give us a wave”

United up 1-0
Blackburn up 1-0

Goodbye Hollaway you simple fucker. please FOAD.



United being denied a clear penalty at 1.0 has cost Wolves badly now.

Micks in the bacon slicer big style now

Blackburn cruising .

fuck you braz

If Utd still beat Blackpool will that save Wolves??? Utd owe Big Mick one…

Provided Wolves dont let in another goal as Wigan would go above them on gd.

If Blackpool draw and Wolves lose does this mean Blackpool stay up and Wolves are down?

Villa 1-0 up on Liverpool. B)

Charlie Adam has been a great bit of stuff for Blackpool. One of the players of the season. Birmingham behind now and going down as things stand.

Get down ta fuck ye blue knuckle dragging cunts.


Clearly offside.

I’m liking the new banner.

Get in Anderson.

This Phil Thompson fella is an awful cunt to listen to.

3-2 UTD!!! Wolves are holding on my the short and curleys here!