Survival Sunday

The games that will decide the relegated teams are:

Manchester United vs Blackpool
Stoke vs Wigan
Tottenham vs Birmingham
Wolves vs Blackburn

I hope Blackburn go down. They sacked Sam Allerdyce when he was doing a decent job and brought in some muppet to take over. Also to let United have a draw last week in the last 10 minutes showed their lack of ambition. They needed to win last week. What a joke of a club.

I think Blackpool will be the other to go down. Nothing against them but United at home will be too much for them.

Results going our way so far. If things stay as the are we stay up :clap:

:angry: that muppet was already at the club

those bastard chicken farmers.


I saw they let some 9 year old kid interview him at a press conference on Sky Sports news. The kid would manage the team better.

I fee like today should be a good day for betting with a good mix of teams with something to play for and others with nothing to play for.
A lot of teams in shit or get off the pot situations.

I fancy wins for Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Wigan and Spurs.

Best of luck to Big Mick today.



I would like to see Birmingham and Blackburn go down as they are both fairly shit teams that add little or nothing in terms of entertainment value to the league. I expect Blackpool and Birmingham to go down as I think that both will lose today and Wigan won’t.

I’d like to see Wigan go down because of that little shitbag Martinez trying to muddy the waters with James McCarthy and I’d like to see Birmingham go down because there’s a bit too much hunnery at that club.

Well I for one would like to see Blackpool go down as I detest their manager

I would have some sympathy with that point of view, though when he is actually speaking normally about football as opposed to going on one of his contrived rants I find that he’s not the worst. I also think they will be badly exposed next season if they stay up and don’t spend fairly big in the summer.

I’d be happy with Wigan and Birmingham gone

you make a fair point shan and i believe venkys will be monitoring the situation.

I was reading in the papers this morning that he was in India this week for his regular monthly meeting with the owners. Seems bizarre to have him travel over when he should be preparing the team for today’s game.

:angry: Blackburn aren’t a bad team they have a muppet manager.

they haven’t one fucking clue how to run a club. how did blackburn ever sell out to them and for 30 million. .

:lol: Sorry about that one! I genuinely can’t remember the last time I watched a Blackburn game that wasn’t utterly tripe though and I think the league would be better off without them.

Wolves Blackburn draw
Spurs beat Birmingham
United beat Blackpool
Wigan beat Stoke

Birmingham and Blackpool go down.


You could have put that in a spoiler and not ruined the excitment for us.

Its not the Wrestling thread Runt.

I think Spurs will chuck it against Birmingham in the hope they lose 5th and Europa league. They will also need to get a lot of bookings so they dont qualify in the fair play league table.