Switchers From BDO to PDC

Apparently Winstanley and Waites are done deals after Lakeshite but the big one is Ted Hankey. I think Ted will make the switch as this will be his last chance to mix it with the big boys and if he does’nt make the move it will always be a case of what if.

I think if “the count” does make the move he will get a shell shock at the standard of the PDC. He won’t have a prayer and will end up very disappointed indeed…

True but on entertainment value alone he’ll be worth watching.

bdo final 2013 - grizzly adams v tony fleet. :lol:

Waites and Winstanley would be good additions to the 2nd tier of the PDC. Hankey for the entertainment factor alone would be a good edition. Rumours are one member of the BDO will be involved in the premier league, hope its Hankey.

I think i’d possiby have a heart attack from laughing so much if bdo poster boy hankey joins the PDC. He has been so opposed to the idea and of course his followers would be made to look very foolish indeed.

Ha Ha Ha, hope Tony stays off the Cherry that night.


This thread is in very poor taste and will be reviewed by the TFK Moderating team with a view to deletion.

You have my guarantee Rocko that i will moderate this thread fairly and in an even handed way. You need have no worries…

Rocko, any chance we could have a Darts containment thread rather than clogging up the main board with jimmys lame attempts at humour?

Can we not just amalgamate all these dorts threads?

Poor taste and the PDC go hand in hand

Christmas is a weird time of year. I’m agreeing with Kev on rugby and with MBB on general forum matters :o

There will no merging of the PDC threads with inferior bdo efforts. It’s chalk and cheese. I would be open to the idea however of banning bdo threads and known members and we can just talk proper darts here…

I’d be content with a resolution that saw singular threads for both spin off’s of this hobby, with bannings for members who continuously created new offshoot threads.

Fleety joined the PDC Dunph. :lol:

Quiet down now or you’ll be banned…


That is a lie.

Is that a promise?