Taken 4 - Saving kids, fighting Fascism

So, I took out a super injunction against Rocko and now here I am. I was watching an old clip of Sky Sports. Earlly 90s. Graeme Souness was referring to some moustachioed, tough as nails, Uruguayan centre-half as “a real solid citizen”. I liked that.

Anyway, today we learned that I’ll be attending court in Rock Law, as opposed to the small town herself was in when they found her. For some reason she returned to Rock Law soon after she realised the jig was up.
One might think she was hiding from the Law…!

I can’t quite believe the turnaround. It’s still sinking in.


@Thrawneen? Good man.

Yeah, I remember that guy.


Super injunction? What’s all that about?


Is this the court that hands out TFK infractions and suspensions?

I’d imagine a former poster realised that certain posts he made on here (with regard to certain substances being consumed etc) could have said posts used against him in a court of law. I’m guessing. Anyway best of luck to such a poster if they exist.

Nobody outside the 20 or so gimps on here knows this place



Plus the country’s leading sports journalists and two former IC managers and an Olympic medal winning boxer.

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& a business man.

& all the people Kev knows, sure that’s half the country right there.

So we can have every post we made deleted? Fuck it, if I did that house of cards would come falling down.

Best of luck former supposed poster. Glad you saw sense.

Be a pity to see all your posts deleted alright seeing as you are closing in on a hundred thousand! Especially seeing as there’s probably one or two decent ones in there !!

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Good to know! Its good to have an end goal.

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Whats with the exclamation marks you clown?

Happy to give that the crucial 10th.

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and pm

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