Talk to joe 2016

We will start off slow

Bit like yourself then


Does Clare still exist??

Fuck off, you fucking fool.

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you do not want to fuck with me scum from limerick.

Yea you never or will ever see liam. When is the last time ye won a anything in Dublin SENIOR

Fuck off, you fucking fool.

Massy you do not have a brain I bet you never went to school and as for 3rd leval

Scum bag where are you the hill

Type in coherent English or fuck off, you fucking fool.

SCUM BACK TO THE HILL. Have a tab or 3

I thought clare is gone?

Whatever was remaining was split between Galway and Limerick.

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You are too stupid to be classed as a handicap.


Always delighted to see a contribution from the druggie tip underclass


Too many big egos in that dressing room.
The shit will not end well.

Weed is not a drug, no more than booze and fags’
'they a worse

Are you claiming alcohol and cigarettes aren’t drugs?

No mate. Just weed is not as bad, they are worse. Still drunk here this morning bare with me

Fair enough mate, swing away :thumbsup: