Taxi Drivers


had a gent of a taxi man this mornign…

good thing too as he hadnt a clue where we were going…he had to stop and plug in his sat nav…then he picked the wrong option of three streets…after i told him which one it was specifically…

we got to the destination and he asked me was I going to be long, i said about ten mins…he said you ll be while waiting for a taxi here…ill hang on, which he did and didnt charge me for the return the trip…€5

thank you Alan Duncan.


Alan is my cousin, surprised he knew how to plug in the sat nav :lol:


Sorry, instead of people I meant to say us racists.


[quote=Sidney" data-cid=“729747” data-time="1359034351]

Good to see yourself and Flano have abandoned your dog eat dog free market fundamentalism and are now advocating European-style state socialist policies, brian.
[/quote]That’s not fair. I’m sue he would advocate some free market palm greasing to get the contracts.


The head on this cunt. :sweat_smile:


He was in the news recently enough for serious weight loss.


Fucking hell…that is some transformation.


Got a crazy taxi driver there…he was on about how disgraceful it was that we don’t have the 6 counties back up in the North, and the likes of Germany and France have our backs. I tried to explain the situation but there was no talking to the lunatic.

I honestly didn’t know that there was Afghanistan lads in Limerick driving cabs.

I really annoyed the cunt saying that Pakistan isn’t the worst. He took that very badly :laughing:


A wise call. Could also have been his father


@myboyblue There is the Laois fella that taxis in Dublin but is also a full time Sports Illustrated photograper. No shortage of stories about world cup trips, Olympics etc…


That’s interesting, I’ve never heard about this in my life. I’ll make a few inquiries, but at first thought that sounds a bit Walter Mitty…


Yeah… I thought that too but the detail was good. Living in Dublin with years I’d say. Late 40s.


I’ll have a dig around so.



And the cunts constantly moaning


Is that just the time the meter is running? Does it account for all the wasted time spent sitting at ranks?


I didn’t do the study mate


I was assuming you read the article - I’m too lazy to.


I did, no mention of any of that kind of stuff


I’m gonna ignore the findings so. It would be like analysing the ‘working time’ of your average TFK poster.


Been using the oul Uber a fair bit here. Holli gave me a spin to the airport there. She drives the ould Uber while the kids are in school. Nice little earner for her. The Eritrean taxi driver I went into the City with told me that The Uber was destroying the taxi business over there. Taken 65% of the market. Funnily enough he was comfortably the worst driver I encountered over here and I genuinely feared for my life on one occasion.

Conclusion. They should allow the ould uber in Ireland.