Taxi Drivers


Cool story pal. Where are you?


Golden State.


Whereabouts in Golden State? I have family over there for the summer and I am told it is Uber to work and Uber home again every day.


Unrale. Hope you’re having a nice trip :+1:


SFO and Silicon Valley. Couldn’t see how you would get around without the ould Uber if you didn’t have a car here. And it bate the shite out of hiring a car on price and hassle grounds.


Yeah, that matches what I have heard. And a great way to meet interesting people.


Were you not scared of getting raped?


The uber drivers are by and large more interesting and less annoying than any other form of cab driver.
I rarely use anything else unless surge prices vex me enough to take a standard cab.
I hope never to use a Hackney again.


No pal. Would you believe it never crossed my mind.


You got someone here on a J 1?


Started to use them here a bit recently. Most of the drivers are Ukranian young fellas. The good thing is if you order one after a concert of something, there is no cunt trying to nick it.


As we are on the location, what is happening over there with the government?


The President refused to sign the bill that would have allowed the Government to appoint all the judges in the country in the face of street protests. He is from the same party so they were unimpressed. He is looking at reelection in three years and needs to establish himself as not being a PIS puppet. No doubt they will try it again.

Interesting times. They brought in a childrens allowance of 120 Euro per kid to win the election and now they are looking at ways of raising revenue to pay for it. They are thinking of a similar ruse with the coffin dodgers now.


The ould uber is in Ireland - or do they just support licensed taxis? It’s brilliant in London.


Only licensed taxis. So no point to it.



Black cab drivers are worse than ISIS.


Have a licence till the end of the month and for as long as the appeal takes so I’m sure they’ll get it sorted before an actual ban comes in. UBER are an Ubercunt of a company completely lacking in redeeming features, but they’ve the black cab monopoly well rattled.


But white cab drivers are great? You make me sick.


They’ll end up partnering with the black cabs