Technical advice

I need to record a Facebook live video stream today. I know that sometimes these videos are posted after they are streamed but I can’t count on that happening. What’s the best most reliable way of doing this?

Are you looking to record morning mass?

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If you have QuickTime player installed on your computer, you can just do a screen recording off it.

Edit: QuickTime isn’t available for Windows 10 but I’m sure there’s a similar application for Windoze

Yes. Is screen record the best option on the iPhone. It’s a funeral my wife can’t attend

Probably yeah but I’d say it’ll be available to view as a normal video afterwards.

You’d be relying on them to hit post when they end the stream.

Gets posted automatically I think.

Send a private message asking them to ensure they post it.

It’s an option when they end the stream. I’ll try a DM per @myboyblue. This face book page doesn’t look too active so the tech savvy of whoever will be doing this mightn’t be great.

TBF if they’re live streaming, they’ll have a bit of nous.

Another husband was onto me there. Two of us are trying to do the same thing hopefully we’ll manage it between us.
All these nurses working around the the country and they mourn one of their friend that they trained with.

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Tough station alright. My sympathies.

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If you wish. PM me after the mass with a link to the Facebook page and I can try download the video.

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If they post it I can download it. It’s record the stream that I’m going to try to do.

To be sure you’d need to install a screen recorder on your pc. I’ve never used one so can’t advise other than video is difficult to work with. I could see this getting messy. Is there a third party you could call in to help?

They appear to be trying to live stream it on YouTube now.

The stream isn’t working for them. YouTube won’t let you stream silence and they’ve started too early. YouTube have knocked out the stream.

Didn’t work at all. The stream kept buffering at their end. Ah well, such a pity.

Anyway to finish this thread. The full video was uploaded to YouTube later on after the live stream went cockeyed. We’ll all watch it together tonight when everyone’s home from work.


My laptop runs on Windows 7, for which support ended in January.

It’s now starting to act the bollix, particularly when playing media. Is there a way of upgrading to Windows 10 for free?

All help appreciated, gents.