Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


Ffs, he can’t get it up. Show some sensitivity willya?




He hates women…


Fears them, though I hear the forklift is called Betsy


And women hate him.


A sexual healer?




I thought you said a while ago you’ve a girlfriend.


Can an asexual not have a partner?


I’ve so many questions about asexuality. Is your girlfriend asexual too? How does she feel about knowing that her boyfriend will never want to shag her?


What happens with me and my girlfriend is private and none of your business. It would be a betrayal of her trust for me to discuss relationship matters.


This “incel” thing seems to be an extreme manifestation of alt-right “thinking”, particularly the stuff that focusses on gender and male paranoia. A lot of alt-right thinking is obsessed with the idea that men are a sort of displaced ethnic group and that feminism and equal rights for women present an existential threat to them. It’s a full blown imagined persecution complex on the scale of the KKK or the BNP or Le Pen or the nuttiset elements of the DUP, which is completely neurotic and weird. The pick up artist movement, which is associated with this sort of thinking, imagines women as little more than machines to be controlled and manipulated. These “incel” freaks are basically losers who have given up any hope of even trying to manipulate women into liking them and have descended into outright obsessive hatred of women and men they see with women.

Jordan Peterson and the likes are a mild version of this sort of mindset. There are so many contradictions in the whole far right/alt-right/imagined persecuted man complex that it would take way too long to explain, but the whole thing basically comes down to pathetic imagined victimhood.

Angela Nagle is very good at explaining it. “Kill All Normies” is an excellent read.


If you’ve no sexual desire would you be as happy with a man? Isn’t the idea of a hetrosexual asexual like “invisible green ideas sleep furiously”?


We had an asexual Italian from the Tyrone - Armagh area before who everyone unanimously agreed was hiding the fact that he was as bent as a 4 pound note. Would most asexuals be closet homo’s in denial or just a few from your own experience?


I’m very contented. I’d imagine having a high sex drive with it being frustrated can lead to anger and unhappiness though and I think I can see that in a number of posters here.


That would fit in with views of neanderthals who don’t understand asexuality.


Educate us please then mate. How does a (male) asexuals approach to females differ from a homosexuals?



Mod note: This thread is about terrorist attacks not @Cicero_Dandi’s sexuality.


Jordan Peterson: “If women want to be heard they need to show personality characteristics which are traditionally more associated with men.”

Then when women show personality characteristics which are more traditionally associated with men…

Peterson’s online advocates: “Shut the fuck up, bitches, and iron my shirt.”