Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


Asexuals are not attracted to men and do not feel sexual desire.


I’m not sure why you’re responding to me with that as I didn’t ask anything about attractiveness to same sex. I’ll ask the question again for you

How does a (male) asexuals approach to females differ from a homosexuals?


It’s a bizarre question. Asexuals don’t have any sexual desire that needs to be sated. You seem to be some sort of crazed lunatic who views women as sex objects.



Interesting that you jump straight to commenting on women being sex objects when asked a simple question. A very odd response.


It’s a bizarre question I have addressed. I’ve made a logical conclusion that you view women as sex objects when you can’t get your head around people who don’t. Why do you find it so hard to believe. Is it because you are a neanderthal? A bit of introspection wouldn’t go astray with you rather than your prejudicial bigotry.


I’ve to go into the dentist now so I’ll get back in due course.


I’m someone who is curious about asexuality mate. This is your opportunity to educate people who want to learn more. Instead of doing so, you’re throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old child whose spoon and bowl aren’t the same colour


Yes but Peterson didn’t make that reply ffs


Hope it’s not a lady dentist. You might get tense.


It was a lady dentist.


Don’t be ridiculous. Did you demand to see the real dentist?


I’m not a misogynist.


I’d hazard a guess your curiosity also extended to homosexuality.


Is there any difference between being asexual and just having a low sex drive?


A lot of lads rattled by Jordan Peterson based on never actually listening to his lectures or interviews.


Who is Jordan Peterson?


You sound rattled.

No change there, so.


The most important thinker of the 21st century.


Snowflakes can’t stand him