Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


Jordan Henderson is a more profound thinker, mate.



Does that poorly written article mean he’s not the greatest thinker of the 21st century ?


I’m just trying to confuse you and nembo is all.


I see what you’re at … While Jordan is the greatest man alive right now, I dont have to agree with him on everything. That’s what makes our relationship so healthy.


Jesus mate. I assume you are yanking my chain.


Jordan Peterson is right on a lot of things and he is right on abortion.



Must have picked up one of John Waters’ pencils.


Shooting in Belgium


shooter disarmed to female police officers, shot them with their own weapons, then shot a by stander before being neutralised


A vehicle has hit pedestrians outside a Dublin Church…


Drivel fell ill behind the wheel (I will speculate a heart attack) and collided with pedestrians.

I think terrorism can be ruled out here.


According to the comments section of the journal it was the local PP who had a heart attack in an automatic car. It seems a very specific lie to make up but who knows on the internet


Are we sure it was a Eastern European gang that did a ritual killing or some other ethnic minority gang?


Police in London are treating the incident this morning at the houses of Parliament as a terror attack.



What a shit terrorist. Maybe he’s just a chap who hates cyclists?


Maybe he’s not all bad then.


I did think it was George Hook