Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


it was a very bad mistake to make in front of properly educated British people, I went awful red, but they were very polite about it, as you would expect


A few ladies in halloween costumes going at it in down town Riyadh


“Kick her in the fanny Kellyyyyyyy”


That would be a great voice over if you can make it happen, pal.


Not sure where to put this or if it’s terrorism at all, but Denmark is on lockdown as police look for a “dangerous” individual driving around in a black volvo. All bridges, roads, ferries etc out of Denmark have been closed until the person is apprehended. Police seem to be vague about why they’re after this chap.


Things have been very quiet on the terrorism front lately.


Planned for the Ryder Cup maybe :thinking:


What large event with guns and explosives were seven people allegedly plotting to target?


Maybe they’re just filming for the next series of “The Bridge”?




He’s not all bad, at least he burned some the poppy.


He has the brits hopping like sausages in the pan


Things I learned today: A pair of tits with giant nipples is the international symbol for plotting a terrorist attack.



They tried to get Soros as well. There’s far right lads on t’internet that genuinely think George Soros is the source of all evil in the world. Anything from causing the recent immigration to Europe to paying the Kavanaugh accusers.


False flag jobs. A new low.




Pity the US wouldn’t stop arming these mad terrorists hellholes