Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread



well off to iran with you then sinead


Is she Shiite or Sunni?


a shiite


Jaysus I didn’t cop it was her until you posted that. She’s in bits, mentally and physically.


She needs help


Funny how sineads mental illness always manifests itself as thinking she’s better than everyone else


She’s the biggest gowl in Oireland.


Has done for a long time.




Sign in @Tank. Twitter speculating that the car had an “MN” reg. :eek:


Wasn’t someone only saying that Melbourne was the best city in the world?


And it’ll still be tomorrow.


Why didn’t the Police just text your man and ask him to stop?

Cc @Tank


If the Aussie Police had just sent him a text and asked him to stop.

Also if he had attacked people with a stack of coins rolled up in a sock he could have killed hundreds.


Hundreds of police to stop one lad with a knife :smile:



Facebook reportedly discredited critics by linking them to George Soros


Something happening down Avoca way?


Bombs found in North London


Someone probably planted them there