Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


What a backward place.


The Tans can’t deal with a toy plane. Some spotty little teenager has the whole country grounded playing ‘planes’ down at the airport and Tommy can’t sort it out. For fuck sake. If this happened in Knock Airport we’d be mortified.


You;re taking the piss mate. If this happened in Knock we;d think it was the Virgin Mary flying the baby Jesus home for the GGA.


Can you please run somthing serious, don’t you have to be up in 3hours time @Tassotti




The tans have released the couple arrested for the Gatwick drone and said they are no longer suspects. They sent a firearms team to the arrest on a call from a nosy neighbour who made him a suspect as he was a model car racing enthusiast.

I am due to visit London in early January.
Will my family be safe in that dystopian world of transport chaos, knife crime and scooter muggers?


I suspect the Russians, but I’d love to think it was the EU trolling the Brits, and that Verhofstadt and Juncker were controlling the drones remotely from an office in Brussels, and falling over themselves laughing while while drinking several bottles of Duvel.


I’m sure that’ll be of great comfort to them as they fight off an angry pitchfork weilding mob


Tsadly that is just typical of their tabloid press culture


Don’t forget the acid attacks.


You’ll be ok. Your family are probably old skool irish alcoholics so you’ll miss the flight because you’re all drunk


If you don’t have the courage to defend your family against some brit with a 6inch blade then there is no hope. I’d be more worried about the cold weather they’re expecting


Even the 14 year old?


Especially him. His older brothers have him ruined with whiskey.


Police investigating the drone now say there is a possibility there never was a drone. No footage of a drone. Just some witnesses who said they saw a drone.


Nonexistent drones will be virtually impossible to find. You have to feel for the tans.


Nothing worse than a pretend drone.


They’re now looking for someone who doesn’t own a drone


I can’t see how Gatwick Airport comes back from this. Rebrand required.


They’ll need their best officers on this gig