Terrorism Thread. The terror of another nembo kev thread


Prime Minister May needs to lock down the country


Dissidents backed by Russia,with trump’s money :smile:


Better still they’ll contact journal.ie to get really confused, journal.ie in my mind are worse than the sun for gutter journalism




About sixty countries around the world have walls or fenced borders s.


Shur fences aren’t worth a shite unless they’re electrified.


It was the drone reference that caught my eye


Whites up to no good again, no doubt.


Heathrow is under attack




Of course


Real drones or makey up ones like at Gatwick?


Makey-up ones. Runway open again.

The UK is disintegrating rapid.


There was a reason for the Gatwick “drone(s)”


Now they’ve had to close the ports.


A hotel in Moville which was to be a Direct Provision site was set on fire a couple of months ago - now this, tonight.

Here’s some of the comments on this video. What type of people could be to blame, one wonders?

Cormac Doyle2 months ago

Be a shame if the hotel got damaged before they moved in



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FukUcunt2 months ago





lovelywrld2 months ago

Wouldn’t it be an awful shame indeed!!:smiling_imp:



Hanora Brennan

Hanora Brennan2 months ago

Tsk! Tsk! Lol



Big Irish Potatoe Boi

Big Irish Potatoe Boi2 weeks ago

Yeah. A shame. I heard that Spontaneous Combustion is running rampant around the world today.


Emmett Keane

Emmett Keane2 hours ago

Ya got your wish

White Wolf \o2 months ago

Vincent Joyce2 months ago

A creeping genocide. Hitler is jealous of the EU and its supreme power over Europe, to include Ireland. Disgusting.



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100Davros2 months ago (edited)

Hitler took on the forces which are now destroying the west and lost. Watch the greatest story never told, europa the last battle and hellstorm for a different perspective on world war 2. Victors write the history.



stonewall jackson

stonewall jackson1 month ago

@100Davros well said, sadly people still belive the jew world order

@Ireland Forever The education they receive is Politically Correct aka Cultural Marxism courtesy of the Frankfurt School.

Shane Owen2 months ago

We need a nationalist populist government not only to stop mass migration but to reverse it through mass deportation

stonewall jackson1 month ago

Join the National party

thehotash12 months ago (edited)

leo varadkar’s slumdog ireland, out with the begging bowls and crutches, welcome to ireland 2018. a third world utopia for muslim fanatics. so leo, a job well done, im sure you have lots more work to do to make sure you destroy this country’s culture ect. im sure this new ireland that you are hell bent on creating, reminds you and your father of your former country in india, a third world slum. R.I.P. IRELAND, YOU HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT LOCK STOCK AND BARREL BY THE POLITICAL ELITE IN LEINSTER HOUSE.




Who’s paying his legal team?


One guess only


Far right scum at it again.