Test Match Cricket


You’re wrong there. @Balbec went for England to retain the Ashes as well in a 2-2 drawn series, if I recall correctly.


I wonder what English player will be involved in a fight / pour a drink over a teamates head etc etc tonight?


Did he?deary me

You two are clueless




I will say one thing here in balance, considering the aussies whined for about eight years after broad didn’t give himself out one time, I suspect their whinging would have been equally strident had the roles been reversed.
What nationality is bayliss, remind me?
I can’t abide hypocrisy, wherever its from.


Ben Stokes probably feeling relieved this morning not to be associated with this debacle.


I honestly can’t understand the point you’re making here Flatty.


I’d imagine he’s not very popular with the squad either.

From what I’ve heard, neither is Broad and there are some rumours of punches thrown with in the dressing room (not necessarily in Perth) recently.


You were strongly critical of the ingerlish for complaints about the pitch. I was just pointing out that the aussies have equal form. I thought that would have been obvious.


I seem to have missed all this England moaning that @Fitzy is taking umbrage to. England generally take the bad calls on the chin. They’ve been so utterly dismal on this tour, they haven’t even bothered to make any issue out of it.


but but you told us they would win


You seem to be having a lot of difficulty accepting that. That’s about five times you’ve referenced it in the last fortnight. Try not to be too disappointed in me. Not going to get them all right.


GBayliss was asked about the pitch and the decision to start play at 1pm. He said that the umpires got it right, that the pitch was too soggy in the morning. Not his fault that the Aussies couldn’t keep a cover on the pitch. No doubt the rabble rousers on Channel 9 and ABC Grandstand were ramping up the outrage for the loikes of @Fitzy .


It can’t always be summer - unless you’re an international cricket player, umpire, journalist or administrator.


He really seems to have drunk the cool aid. Very servile by England to allow this to go ahead today, they would rather meekly accept defeat than face the inevitable bullying accusations of whinging from the Aussies. The Bairstow wicket was ludicrous. If Bayliss had anything about him there would have been no play today. Guarantee there wouldn’t have been if it was England close to victory.


Or maybe a throwback to more Corinthian times and values for England and the bygone era of uncovered pitches to allow play to go ahead on a sodden wicket that wasn’t fit to be played on. @Fitzy is making some eejit of himself here. He’s more Australian than the Australians themselves at this stage finding a reason to have a whinge even in victory.


I’m having a lend of you Geoff, relax.


Not too many night owls!


In truth, test cricket is only watchable as a highlights package. BT, unlike sky, obviously wouldn’t allow itv to show one, which was a shame.


its something to have on in the background