Test Match Cricket


I knew you were an odd cunt.


Nah, the weather is usually nice and it’s soothing.


Night Owls
It’s the place to be seen
Night Owls
It’s as cool as a breeze
Night Owls…

Ah, as Declan Carr once said, I forget the rest.


Jimmy Anderson really is a horrible prick. Not a very bright one either.


I encountered him once. He seemed nice.


What did he say?


That was in the queue at Costa though.


That is exactly true.


What time does it start. BTW?


Midnight Tan time


He reckons that Australia don’t have strength in depth in their bowling attack and are in trouble with Starc out.
It’s funny actually.
Australia finally win the toss and elect to bat. Which should pretty much guarantee the victory.


England are deluded


Ah I think it’s probably trying to give it back a bit to the Aussies a bit, but Anderson is too thick to do it without sounding like an idiot.


Would it be sheer lunacy to throw a hundred bux on the tans @5/1. How much of a loss is Starc?


The bigger issue is that England won’t take 20 wickets


Giving what back? The aussies haven’t said anything.

Tom Curran makes his debut replacing the injured Craig Overton, a big loss for them. Hopefully this Curran chap has something about him and isn’t looking to become a clique man.


Yes mate it would. Starc is a big loss but he’s being replaced by a slightly less fast but more accurate bowler. Australia will take 20 wickets.


Steve Smith is even money to hit 50 in the first innings. I’ll load up on that instead


That would be a better idea alright mate.


What’s this shite they are on about now?