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Smith said something about Malan being their best spinner. Moeen has been shit obviously, but there’s a severe lack of dignity in captain coming out with something like that. The whole creation of a story over absolutely nothing with that Bairstow ‘headbutt’ shit. That’s even without going into what the ex players put out there. A general sense of usual Australian arrogance and ignorance when they are on top.


He took a knock on the hand in nets, but he’ll probably still make 200


@flattythehurdler they are starting now.


What the fuck are you talking about? The aussies have barely said a fucking word, happy to let the english make fuckwits of themselves.


Warner is in the mood.


It’ll be 300/1 soon enough. Looking at a declaration on 600 odd I’d say. Doubt it’ll go past four days, if that.
I’m off to the leaba.


Mark Taylor making the point here that England spend an awful lot of time having talks about field placements and then changing the field for the umpteenth time. They’re all over the shop. Root clearly doesn’t trust his team but he seems a very weak, fiddly and indecisive captain.


He does. The bowlers are terrible in Australia though. Great attack if the ball is moving sideways, terrible outside their comfort zone. Broad playing for his career, and barely raising a gallop. Spineless display. If they are bowling fast medium at best, they should at least be accurate. Broad woakes and Ali not only are utter dross, they look like they don’t really care.
That team needs consigning to the dustbin of history.


Broad actually bowled fairly well this morning, and has done thorouout the series within the parameters of how well he is capable of bowling at this stage of his career. But it’s just not at sufficient pace or doing enough anymore. He’s done.




He got his leg before @flattythehurdler. Leg befores are a bit more difficult to get in Australia than in Didsbury.


Huzzah! I :heart: cricket.


Great morning for England. Pitch is sticky, been a few chop ons, it’s very like a Caribbean pitch. Which is to say horrendous. 326/8. Hope England make this competitive. Need to polish off the tail and then dig in. Warner scoring at a rate of knots will be an anomaly on this pitch.


And England playing well now the pressure is off.


A century for Cook.


Yeah, but they’ve gone down the alternative road of capitulation on many occasions, and I didn’t see this level of fight coming from them at the end of day one given the situation. I think they deserve some credit



England 469-8. cook 226 no. broad 56 no.


This is going to be a draw. A pity. A complete joke of a wicket. Dropped in because the MCG is firstly a football ground. But why do the SCG trust insist that drop in pitches wont be used in Sydney?

Not to take away at all from England, as both teams have had to deal with this. England bowled well, while Australia didn’t. England looked sharper and more confident batting, thus the first inni ngs lead that deserves a win.
The biggest difference of course was Alaistair Cook. I said it and many others have. He’s finished, too slow, too old, too much of the clique, untouchable.
He’s just, at 244 Not Out, posted the highest score by an opener carrying his bat in test match history and the highest score by an overseas player at the MCG. Doesen’t matter about the wicket in this case, it was a brilliant innings, obstinate, stubborn, based on incredible concentration, punctuated on a constant basis by brilliant shots, in particular the cut shot which led to some very uncommon field placings.
I think Smith and Warner should have opened up and gone for it today, bugger the draw, go down in a blaze of glory, but give Cook the chance to win this test based on that innings.

On another note, I’ve always been a big supporter of Usman Khawaja. He shoukd be dropped, he’s a liability at this stage and contributes nothing.


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