Test Match Cricket


Didn’t look overly fast, but may have been deceptive.


He was regularly getting up to the low 140s kph, which would be high 80s mph. Quick enough, and accurate. Looked good. It’s nice to see Saffers producing some black players of real quality, shows long term value of the quota system.


It is, he just looked a bit more lumbering than a truly natural vicious fast bowler. What age is he I wonder. He may well get quicker.


Another belter of a test here in Johannesburg. SA need 240 odd they were 122/1. They are 157/7. Shami is going through them like dose of jollop


They abandoned play early yesterday because the pitch was dangerous. Think ony a couple of batsmen have made fifty in this test.


Went for a shite there and I came back and there were 2 more wickets down.


Umpires handled it very poorly. Pitch seemed to be no worse when Saffers were batting than India, but India were made bat through. Elgar got hit on the helmet, but it was just a standard well directed bouncer from short of a length as opposed to anything in the pitch.


All done. India win.


Kohli and Shastri have brought a much tougher mindset to touring Indian teams. They’ll have a chance in England certainly, Australia might be a step too far.


India were well beaten in the first two tests when the series was on the line.


They were well in the second Test having lost an important toss. They fell behind the game early in the first Test, but fought back well enough. Much more competitive than their usual shambles in foreign conditions. Their preparation was terrible too, which I think hurt them in first Test. They’ll need to sort the schedule better for future tours.


India are my favourite team.
On their day they will beat anyone. An Indian team in full flow will beat anyone.
Indian people are, as a race, in my experience, the nicest people in the world.
I’ve never met a person from there that I didn’t really like.


Did you lose a bet with an Indian mate?


??? How dja mean?


Your post sounds like an Indian person wrote it


No it doesn’t.


Yes it does


Even if they were wearing a Man United jersey?


Even then.


A Tipp jersey?