Test Match Cricket


Australia went from 88/3 at the start of play this morning to 119 all out in just under 16 overs to lose by 492 runs. South Africa win the series 3-1

That was the 4th highest loss by runs in 2,302 test matches and the worst since 1934 when Sir Donald Bradman was terrorising England at the Oval.


Looking increasingly likely that Justin Langer will replace Darren Lehmann as Australia coach.


A weasel.


Indeed. Plus ca change.
Dizzy should have got the job but he’s too nice.


Alfie is a great guy. Ultra competitive too. A great fit if true.


Langer confirmed as the new Aussie coach.


Not cricket weather in fingal


Will you not be indoor drinking and dining from 11am ?

What time do you want the pick me ups…2pm ?




Is there going to be play today?


If they have to wait for no rain to play well then unlikely. This is Ireland FFS. It rains frequently.


Torrential rain falling in Fingal right now. Hard to see




I’m aware of that mate, thanks.


Today washed out.


you’d want your head examined to try and schedule a game of cricket in Ireland


At least schedule it for June or July, you’d have a better chance of getting it on then. Its like these test matches in the South Island in New Zealand in March that just get rained off to a draw nearly every time.


cricket in oireland, like a beach volleyball tournament in Longford


Highlights of today’s play coming up shortly on rte 2


Ireland have won the toss and elected to field.