Test Match Cricket


Mea culpa.

Ireland doing better with the bat second time round. 51/0.


Great to see Sir Mick Jagger enjoying himself at the big test match today.


Gents I was just watching the cricket “highlights” what does a follow on mean?


The team that bats second can be made to “follow on” by the opposition and bat third, i.e. out of sequence, if their total doesn’t come within a defined amount of the team that batted first. It’s usually 200 runs in a 5-day match.

For example, Team A bats first and makes 450 all out and Team B replies with 200 all out. Team A then has the option of enforcing the follow on and making them bat again because their lead is 250, i.e. >200. They’d hope to bowl them out again for less than 250 and win the game without even having to bat a second time themselves.

Captains will weigh up how tired their bowlers are, the pitch conditions, the weather and what not in deciding whether to enforce the follow on. A full day’s play was lost due to rain in this Ireland game so the parameters changed and Pakistan were able to enforce the follow on as they had a lead of over 150 after Ireland batted.


A very elegantly constructed explanation there Bandage.


Kevin O’Brien is closing in on becoming the first player to score a test century for Ireland.


Decent showing today highest ever second innings score by a team on their test debut👏


Century up on test debut for Kevin O’Brien :clap:


Good to see that it will go the full 4 innings.

This, unfortunately, may be a Test rarity for Ireland as home matches will be truncated by weather time and again.


Pakistan 45/3 chasing a target of 160. They were 14/3.


AB de Villiers has announced his retirement from international cricket.


England all out for 184 vs Pakistan. Cook top scored with 70.


Windies in a strong position in the first test against Sri Lanka in Port of Spain. Leading by 328 runs coming up to tea on Day 3 - Windies 414/8 dec & 99/3 Sri Lanka 185.


First of the five tests to decide the destination of the Pataudi Trophy is under way at Edgbastom this morning. England 24/0


Who won the toss? And also wicket conditions please Geoff.


England won the toss. I’m in Bath at the moment just about to head off for Stratford-upon-Avon and it’s a scorcher in the West Country. Hoping to head to Edgbaston on Friday.




243/7 now, Stokes just threw his wicket away.


Coasting on 216/3, century stand between Root/Bairstow. Like all good England batting collapses it started with a horrible run out. That’s a 450 wicket.


Bowled out for 287 this morning but right back in the match now. Sam Curran has picked up 3 wickets in the face of two overs and India have gone from 50/0 to 59/3.