TFK acronyms

It’s getting a bit annoying lately. Every TDH is using one and I haven’t a clue what they mean. The latest from @anon67715551 is a typical example. TTMFTRS, WTF is that all about?

Tut tut….You’re going to get pilloried for this one. The prelude to the acronym should have led you straight to it. It’s been discussed, dare I say, many times here.


Can’t find that one.
Please explain…

I only frequent the Leitrim thread when something happens in Leitrim.

That’s nasty…

I never actually understood GGA

It’s something to do with bogball.

Is the implication that the participants aren’t athletic?. Look at the specimens in your avatar FFS.


FFS sake.

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Before your time, one of @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy’s previous incarnations

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Twas fairly obvious in context I’d have thought?

TFK - making up acronyms since 2006.