Tfk bet 2.0

After an extremely successful week for TFK BET 1.0 I’ve decided we need to start again with something a little more attractive.

Here goes with TFK BET 2.0

What are the basics?

You pay €10 to bet with 100 points for 1 weekend. (For the first week, this will be for Sunday only). You can bet as many times as you like with those points - using them all on 1 bet or spreading them over various bets on various matches in various sports.

At the end of the weekend we will settle the bets and the poster with the most points will take home the pot.

What can I bet on?

For week 1 you can bet on:

  • Super Bowl
  • EPL games
  • Serie A games
  • La Liga games
  • NFL Allianz Football League Divisions 1&2
  • 6 Nations Rugby

Can I do accumulators?

Yes. Simply add more than one event to your bet slip.

NOTE: There is currently no capability to restrict multiples on related events. Therefore, please do not add multiple bets on the same event. If you do, the bet will be treated as 2 singles - despite what the multiplier might look like at the front-end.

Is it winner takes all?

If there are more than 7 entrants then I will split the pot between winner and runner-up (70%/30%). If there are more than 10 entrants then I will split the pot between winner and 2 runners-up (70%/20%/10%)

How do I deposit?

First you need to register at TFK BET. Do that here. Unless you registered for TFK BET 1.0 last week, then just go straight to the next step.

Via paypal. From this page.

Is this the end of the Daily Fantasy?

Not sure. We’ll see how this goes.

I played last week, do I need to re-register?


I played last week, do my funds transfer to the new TFK BET 2.0 automatically?

No. You can either withdraw and re-deposit. Or you can send me a PM and I’ll move your funds across manually.

@Rocko - does the partner you’re sourcing prices from cover equine sports and could we use this as a proper Cheltenham tipping competition. Prices can be settled at SP if it makes it any easier.

They do, but they’re awkward to bring live. I presume this is because they fluctuate so much and the ante-post is variable. But I’m trying to identify a solution or an alternative source.

If you’ve the functionality to override the prices when settling it then you’re fine once everyone knows the price listed doesn’t matter. So either just list a blank price or the first price they give you.

Yeah, the way it works is generally that if I change the prices, you get the price you bet at and anyone after that price gets the new one. That’s not really how it should work for a Cheltenham tipping competition. I could put up some dummy stuff anyway and do it manually but I should be able to figure out a better solution that involves a data provider.

Did I mention that it’s only €10 to play? And you could win up to a million euro today (if we had a fairly high uptake).

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Did my balance from bet 1.0 transfer across or do I have to go back into PayPal and renew it? Is it 1 point = €10??

No, I refunded you. Didn’t want to be seen to be using sharp tactics, though I regret that now.

You need to deposit 10e. And that gets you 100 points plus one bonus one that you get to play with.

Okay, dunno will I get to that today, at a match and going to another one after. There’s no real adversarial element to this setup though, given this is a closed community, oneupmanship is crucial.

Yeah it’s a bit hurried this week but wanted to get it going for Super Bowl. Still expecting/hoping for a decent number of entries.

Will give it a longer build up for next weekend but it will live or die by number of entrants and they haven’t been forthcoming to date.